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Fake breasts and chicken breasts beckon as Maldives business deal inked

Olialia, which once wanted to open a resort staffed only by blondes, says it has entered into a “strategic alliance” with Maldivian businessman Ibrahim Mohamed Didi.



An eye-popping business deal encompassing poultry farms and plastic surgery has been signed between a Lithuanian firm and a Maldives hotelier.

Olialia, which once wanted to open a Maldives resort staffed only by blondes, says it has entered into a “strategic alliance” with Ibrahim Mohamed Didi.

It is not clear how much the deal is worth but Olialia wants to develop a Special Economic Zone, which Maldivian law says requires an investment of at least US$150 million.

Nobody from Olialia or Simdi Group, which is chaired by Didi, was available to talk about the deal.

But arms dealer and Olialia’s “chief evangelist” Abhishek Verma and his wife Anca, described as the “richest Romanian in the world and one of the wealthiest female billionaires of Europe”, have been enthusiastically promoting the alliance on social media including its MOU with the Maldives government to “build, own and operate an international airport.”

In a press release Olialia said a number of its products would be distributed in the Maldives such as cigarettes, cola and herbal mouth fresheners.

There would be chicken farms, on islands owned by Didi, with goods available for export and domestic consumption.

“The strategic alliance also includes takeover and re-branding of IMDC Hospital as ‘Olialia IMDC Hospital’ and to operate it on management contract.

“Verma Family company ‘Olialia Healthcare’ will extend the facilities in the hospital for high end medical tourism, cosmetic/plastic surgery, adding water villas and chalets and bringing in renowned European doctors for various faculties of the hospital.”

A joint venture between the two sides would see the creation of fantastic developments such as a “Chariots of the Gods theme park, a shipping and container port, Special Economic Zone with offshore banking and export zones for seafood and poultry, a freight terminal, helicopter service across Maldives with a fleet of 10 twin engine helicopters, an 18-hole golf course, housing project for upmarket villas and chalets, a bank, two hospitals containing about 300 inpatient beds each, monorail between the Islands of Northern Atolls of Maldives as well as a connecting bridge that’s 5 km long.

“The concept would be submitted to the Maldivian Authorities for approval in due course.”