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SOF leaks whistleblower given eight months in jail

Gasim Abdul Kareem’s counsel have called for his immediate release, noting that he has already spent a period longer than his eight month prison sentence in state custody.

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SOF leaks whistleblower should be ‘praised, not punished’

Transparency International and its local chapter have called on the prosecutor general to dismiss charges against a senior bank official on trial for leaking documents related to the Maldives’ biggest ever corruption scandal

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Anti-graft NGO lambasts Speaker’s silence on corruption

Anti-graft group Transparency Maldives has slammed Speaker Abdulla Maseeh for his silence and inaction over allegations of MPs’ involvement in Maldives’ biggest ever corruption scandal.

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EU, Commonwealth join chorus of concern over state of emergency

“It is essential that all constitutional fundamental rights and freedoms are immediately restored and that due process of law is respected. A genuine dialogue with all political parties on the future of the country needs to be established,” the European Union said in a statement.

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