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Tag "social housing"

Police officers offered temporary housing in Malé area

According to amendments brought on Monday to regulations on housing for police, applicants will be awarded points based on an interview, rank, marital status, number of children, and years of service.

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Yet another policy reversal puts affordable housing out of reach for Malé residents

When Malé’s landless families drew lots to choose flats in the newly built Tata blocks in October, the keys to their new homes seemed all but assured. But yet another policy reversal appears to have put the flats out of reach.

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Government makes U-turn on affordable housing pledge

Some 300 families who were awarded flats by former President Mohamed Nasheed’s administration are being asked to pay MVR2million (US$129,701) for a flat, with the housing ministry announcing that it will prioritise families who can make the payment within five years.

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