UN unveils development agenda for Maldives

UN unveils development agenda for Maldives
August 25 16:57 2015

The government and the United Nations signed the UN Development Assistance Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) yesterday, a four-year strategic programme framework to deliver results in the areas of youth and children, gender, governance, environment and climate change.

The UNDAF will “promote efficient distribution of development benefits and social inclusion of vulnerable groups through strengthened institution building, evidence-based policy implementation and national capacity development,” according to the foreign ministry.

“Most importantly, this UNDAF will support, promote and monitor the implementation of international agreements and obligations of Maldives in contribution to the principles of human rights, gender equality and environmental sustainability.”

Foreign minister Dunya Maumoon and UN resident coordinator Shoko Noda signed the UNDAF agreement at a ceremony yesterday.

The UNDAF is expected to require over US$53 million, a quarter of which is expected to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment.

“The four outcome areas demonstrate the government’s commitment, in partnership with the UN, to gender equality and the empowerment of women; to strengthen democratic institutions and to cultivate a culture of respect in the society; to teach our children better skills and to inspire our youth to become successful adults; and to fight against environmental degradation and climate change,” Dunya said after the signing ceremony.

Youth empowerment is a key aspect of President Abdulla Yameen’s development policy, she added.

“The government has prioritised skills development and job creation for the youth. Over the last twenty months, more than seven thousand jobs have been created, and several skills development programmes have been launched. We believe that through these instruments, and through empowering our youth, we would be able address and reduce the  problems of drug abuse and gang violence.”

The UNDAF was jointly formulated by the government, UN agencies, and civil society “with extensive consultation and collaboration,” the foreign ministry said. Some 11 UN agencies will participate in the implementation of the framework.

“The government of Maldives and the United Nations will closely monitor achievements of the results throughout the UNDAF cycle,” the foreign ministry said.