Maldivians awed by Independence drill

Maldivians awed by Independence drill
August 01 14:27 2015

More than 2,000 students, police and military officers staged a three-hour drill depicting Maldivian history at the national stadium on Friday night.

The event was part of the celebrations organized by the government to mark Maldives’ Golden Jubilee of Independence from the British.

Thousands watched in awe as performers played out scenes from Maldivian history, including the conversion of Maldivians from Buddhism to Islam, the struggle against Portuguese and Malabar rule, and the 1988 coup attempt led by Tamil mercenaries.

President Abdulla Yameen and First Lady Fathimath Ibrahim inaugurated the event.

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Photos courtesy of the President’s Office

Many Maldivians took to social media applauding the songs, the performances, as well as the light and sound display. The drill ended with a fireworks display.

The drill did not exhibit the events surrounding Maldives becoming a British protectorate in 1887 and gaining independence in 1965.

Home Minister Umar Naseer apologized last night to the hundreds of people who were unable to enter the stadium to watch the show. The ministry today said some people had used fake tickets to gain access.