Housing ministry inspecting construction sites, buildings in Malé

Housing ministry inspecting construction sites, buildings in Malé
December 09 16:19 2015

The housing ministry has begun inspecting construction sites and buildings in Malé to ensure safety standards and compliance with regulations.

The survey comes after public concern over the enforcement of building codes as well as inadequate safety measures in the wake of a spate of accidents. Three people, including two children and a construction worker, had died in October after falling from buildings.

The ministry said in a statement today that several buildings and construction sites in the capital “are not practicing safety precautions and construction practices as per regulations.”

Survey teams from the ministry will inspect sites for “the proper use of hoardings, safety nets and other necessary precautions as well as the use of proper safety clothing for the construction workers.”

“Furthermore, team will inspect for the application of proper techniques whilst doing ground preparation for foundation works. For constructed buildings, the teams will be checking for proper application of safety railings in staircase, terrace and balcony as well as protection in places such as lift pits and other voids or openings,” the ministry said.

Buildings will also be checked for sufficient ventilation and accessibility to public spaces within the building for people with disabilities.

A large number of people from across the country live in rented apartments in the congested capital. According to the 2014 census, the population of the Maldives stands at 341,256 people, of which 133,019 reside in Malé.

The survey has now started in the Henveiru ward of the capital and will continue until all construction sites and buildings are inspected.

In October, an eight-month-old toddler died after falling down an open elevator shaft with her grandmother from the sixth floor of a residence in Malé.

In the same month, an 11-year-old was killed after falling from the balcony on the fifth floor of a house whilst an Indian construction worker fell to his death from the ninth floor of a building under construction in Malé.

Also in October, a 16-year-old was hospitalised after being struck on the head by an electric drill that fell from the sixth floor of a house.