US$200 million bridge to be completed in July

US$200 million bridge to be completed in July
December 21 14:07 2017

The US$200 million China-Maldives Friendship bridge will be completed in the first week of July, a government minister has said.

The bridge will will span from the capital Malé’s eastern edge to the western corner of the island of Hulhulé.

Housing Minister Dr Mohamed Muiz said the project was on schedule.

The project was launched in December 2015 with a concessional loan and grant aid from the Chinese government.

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  1. 100%Hindu
    December 21, 18:30 #1 100%Hindu

    I seriously hope your miniscule economy can cope with the debt repayments to your new best friend China for the new bridge. China, not known for its generosity towards other countries, has been giving developing countries massive loans for infrastructural projects and then screwing them for years afterwards. Have you checked out the Hambantota deep sea port project in Sri Lanka, now under Chinese control?
    Another thing you ‘100% Muslims’ need to check out is the treatment of China’s Muslim minority Uighurs in the province of Xingiang.
    Now sit back, relax and wait for the Chinese to turn the heat up once the bridge is completed.
    Seriously, which joker thought of naming the bridge the China – Maldives FRIENDSHIP Bridge? A more appropriate name would be the China- Maldives LOOT Bridge.
    BTW I do not live or work in the Maldives and I am not envious I was not born in ‘100% Muslim’ Maldives.

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    • ahmed
      December 24, 17:02 ahmed

      f*** you, you are envious what is the point of commenting then. ignore us if you don’t give af***.

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  2. 100%Hindu
    December 24, 23:36 #2 100%Hindu

    Envious of what Ahmed? Envious I don’t live in a godforsaken island and catch fish for a living?
    Why do Maldivians counter any criticism with the reposte ‘you must be jealous’. NOTHING about the Maldives or it’s people makes us Indians jealous. We are more likely to feel pity.
    Now time to wrap your lungi Ahmed and go catch some fish.

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  3. Holy Skipjack
    December 25, 18:50 #3 Holy Skipjack

    @ 100% Hindu

    Your ignorance shows when you belittle fishing and our beloved tuna. If Indians know what tuna is you will be worshiping a skipjacks among many other varieties we have!

    Did you know know that Maldives fish, eaten by Maldivains everyday is a luxury commodity only availble in best suchi restaurants in the world. And we eat it by the soft sandy beach..

    Yes, we even have the luxury cusine. Thats surely thats beyond the reach of an avarage Indian.

    May be you think fishermans belong to the lower caste as per your caste system. Guess what. No one likes your closed mentality.

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    • 100%Hindu
      December 26, 14:16 100%Hindu

      Hello little people from little islands. Did you have a good Christmas or is the celebration deemed unislamic in your ‘100% muslim’ country and banned? The vast majority of Hindus are vegetarians so skipjack tuna is off the menu. So the best thing for you to do with the skipjack is to shove it where the sun don’t shine!
      When wahabbi Muslims learn to live and respect the other sects of Islam, like the shias, barelvis and Ahmadis, only then should they criticize the caste system in Hinduism.
      Time for you to wrap that lungi and catch some more skipjack.

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      • the tuna man
        January 01, 10:28 the tuna man

        @100% Hindu
        Im maldivian,Im muslim,im not a follower of wahhabism though, its realy easy to say a bunch if stuff about things you dont understand aint it?. it is so funny to watch you people trying to compare two forms of hate, one being religious prejudice the other caste. i dont follow either by the way thats just a bunch of bull designed to make peoplelike you feel a bit superiour i guess. anyways.india is cool in its own way and maldives is cool in its own way. we dont have to be like you and neither do you have to be like us. i think however that youre real scared about something to have to feel threatened by us enough to male insults about us. what ever it is you are living in fear of i hope you overcome it soon. oh and btw it takes tears of skill dedication and patience to become a master fisherman, i should know since i am one.

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        • 100%Hindu
          January 01, 16:56 100%Hindu

          The caste system in India is on the way out and shunned by educated Indians like me. Sectarianism in Muslim countries is however on the rise fuelled by the hate preachers of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and other Sunni majority countries. Sunnis seem to think the world has been created only for them. Every terrorist in the world today happens to be a Sunni Muslim. Maldives has broken diplomatic relations with Iran for no other reason than the fact that Iran is a Shia majority country. The underlying reason for the Saudi Iran conflict is the same.
          Before carping on about the Hindu caste system ad nauseum, you true believers need to sort out the hate and divisions amongst yourselves. Muslims killings muslins seems to be the latest trend in the Islamic world.
          India now has a booming economy with millions of educated affluent people. There are more millionaires in India than there are people in the Maldives. We don’t feel threatened by you, we feel pity. The constant criticism and vilification of India in the Maldivian press has begun to get on our nerves now.
          You cannot function without cheap imports from India and access to our educational and medical facilities when we don’t need you at all. Skipjack sushi is as alluring to me as is a pork chop to you.
          I hope 2018 will see the start of strict visa controls on Maldivian visitors to India. Go to countries that share your intolerant religious beliefs. Indian Muslims have no Arab ancestry (like yourselves) and wahabbi Islam has no relevance in India. We are a secular, multi faith, multi cultural country, a concept which people with a medieval ‘100% Muslim’ mindset will never understand.

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