Eight buildings raided after vice president’s arrest

Eight buildings raided after vice president’s arrest
October 25 11:33 2015

The police raided a total of eight buildings on Saturday in the wake of Vice President Ahmed Adeeb’s arrest on suspicion of links with an alleged bomb plot to assassinate President Abdulla Yameen.

Three were arrested, too, but police declined to reveal names.

The buildings are Cessna and Hirinaidhoo in Maafannu ward, Zurriyaanumaage in Machangoalhi ward, Humashi and Oevaali in Galholhu ward, Rehendhi flats, the premises of state-owned Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company, and Football Association of the Maldives (FAM) house.

Adeeb holds his meetings at Rehendhi flats, and is reported to have offices at Cessna. Humashi is the home of his second wife. Oevaali is where his close associate Mohamed Hussain ‘Oittey’ lives.

The raids which began at midday ended in the early hours of the morning on Sunday.

Armed soldiers and police officers carried out the raids. Some 17 people were arrested from the streets.

Adeeb was arrested from the international airport at 11:52am on Saturday.

He has said his innocence will be proven with an impartial inquiry, according to his lawyer Hussain Shameem.

Yameen escaped unhurt from the explosion on his boat on September 28, but the first lady and two aides were injured.

Home Minister Umar Naseer, citing the findings of a team of forensic experts from Sri Lanka, said an explosive device had been planted under Yameen’s usual seat.

The president is co-chairing the inquiry along with Naseer.

Three soldiers were arrested in the week after the blast.

Correction: October 26, 2015: This article previously said Adeeb was arrested at 11:52pm. This is incorrect. He was arrested at 11:52am