Raids continue in Malé

Raids continue in Malé
October 25 18:08 2015

The police are continuing raids in Malé on buildings linked to Vice President Ahmed Adeeb as part of an inquiry into an alleged assassination attempt on President Abdulla Yameen.

Police today raided Lismata in the Maafannu ward today, where Adeeb’s first wife and his children live.

A police spokesman confirmed that a search is underway, and said information on other locations under search will be revealed at the end of the day.

Some eight buildings were raided yesterday, soon after Adeeb was arrested at the international airport. His second wife’s house was raided twice.

Adeeb was arrested on suspicion of plotting an explosion on Yameen’s speedboat on September 28. The president escaped unhurt, but the first lady and two aides were hurt.

The vice president’s detention was extended by 15 days today.

Yameen today said Adeeb had exerted undue influence over the police to obstruct the inquiry, and that “bomb-making equipment” has been discovered at some of the homes raided so far.

Three soldiers, all explosives experts, who were arrested over the blast have links with Adeeb, he said.

The vice president had to “isolated” for the investigation to proceed. The police had faced “difficulties and obstacles” in the inquiry, with numerous efforts to destroy evidence and problems in executing search and seizure warrants, he said.

The owners of the residences to be raided knew beforehand, he said.

Police investigators now believe crucial pieces of evidence have been eliminated.

The police meanwhile raided the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) office and the home of its managing director to determine how Adeeb raised funds to influence the police, Yameen said. From Ziyath’s home, police uncovered “request letters” with the police letterhead to obtain “resources to be used for official purposes.”

Some 17 people were arrested from the streets of Malé yesterday on charges of disrupting the peace. Another three were arrested during the raids.

All have since been released.