Opposition MPs concerned over failure to summon ministers for questioning

Opposition MPs concerned over failure to summon ministers for questioning
August 10 18:32 2015

MPs of the main opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) expressed concern today over delays in summoning ministers for questioning on the People’s Majlis floor.

At today’s sitting, MDP MPs representing constituencies in Addu City, Rozaina Adam and Ali Nizar, raised points of order and noted that ministers have not appeared for questioning despite a backlog of queries submitted by opposition MPs dating back to the first session of the year.

The parliament’s standing orders state that ministers must be given a 14-day notice to appear for questioning once an MP submits an inquiry.

Rozaina asked Speaker Abdulla Maseeh Mohamed whether the questions have not been forwarded or if the ministers were refusing to appear.

In response, Maseeh assured the opposition MPs that the items will be tabled in the agenda in accordance with the rules of procedure.

Maseeh is a member of the ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM), which together with its coalition partner Maldives Development Alliance, controls a comfortable majority of 48 seats in the 85-member house.

MP Nizar meanwhile said he wished to pose questions to minister over development projects in the southernmost atoll.

Earlier this month, Rozaina requested summoning finance minister Abdulla Jihad to reveal to the People’s Majlis the details of government expenditure leading up to the July 26 celebration of 50 years of independence from the British.

In early July, MDP MP Eva Abdulla requesting summoning defence minister Moosa Ali Jaleel to answer whether a Chinese Yuan class 335 submarine entered Maldivian territorial waters between March 31 and May 22.

Eva proposed asking the minister if the Chinese submarine was granted leave to enter Maldives’ territorial waters and if the security forces are aware if the submarine had entered the Maldives’ territorial waters without prior permission.

Today’s Majlis sitting was called off with Maseeh stating there were no further issues for discussion on the agenda.