Maldives severs trade ties with Myanmar

Maldives severs trade ties with Myanmar
September 04 11:07 2017

The Maldives has condemned the plight of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and ceased all trade ties with the country.

Citing “systematic repression” of the minority group as documented in the past by the UN, the Maldives expressed concern with “the recent cycle of violence that resulted in the death of dozens of Rohingya Muslims and displaced several thousands.”

In a statement issued by the foreign ministry Sunday night, the Maldives also called for swift action from the international community to stop the bloodshed.

“The Government of Maldives has decided to cease all trade ties with Myanmar, until the Government of Myanmar takes measures to prevent the atrocities being committed against Rohingya Muslims,” it reads.

“The Government of Maldives requests the United Nations Secretary General and the United Nations Human Rights Council to look into the grave violations of human rights against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.”

Nearly 90,000 Rohingya have reportedly fled the Buddhist-majority country to neighbouring Bangladesh since violent clashes erupted in late August. Officials blamed Rohingya militants but rights group have accused the army of waging a brutal campaign to force out the minority.

Following the announcement by the foreign ministry, ruling party lawmakers attacked former President Mohamed Nasheed over his past advocacy for the freedom of Myanmar’s leader Aung Sun Suu Ki, who has faced criticism for not speaking out in the face of the persecution of the Rohingya.

But the exiled opposition leader also joined the chorus of concern on social media.

In June, the Maldives severed diplomatic ties with Qatar amidst a row among the Gulf states. However, the Maldives’ action was limited to closing official channels of communication as trade and commercial ties continued.

The Maldives also severed ties with Iran in May last year, joining other Sunni Muslim countries that took diplomatic action after Saudi Arabia cut ties with its Shia-majority regional rival.

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  1. Nyein Wai
    September 05, 08:37 #1 Nyein Wai

    The outside world must know the real situation in Rakhine State. The actual victim are Rakhine, Myo, Dinet ethnic peoples. They are minority in Northern Rakhine State. The Bengali (so called Rohinga) become terrorist. They attack our poor ethnic groups. They are extremist terrorists.

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    • Shannon786
      September 09, 10:20 Shannon786

      We the outside world know what is going on. Racist burmese monks and it’s military are savagely murdering members of the Rohingya community. The military personnel are raping poor village women and underage girls, the fake Buddhist monks are dismembering bodies, torching homes, setting humans alight burning them alive till they die! So don’t be chatting rubbish out of your backside you racist thug. The Maldives has cut you off, others will soon follow I can assure you. The worlds media are not making all this up. The stolen fish your country steals from Bangladeshi waters and sells back to Bangladeshis in Bangladesh and the UK is being boycotted too, I can pretty much guarantee the sale of burmese fish here in the UK will soon be at an end so your sick racist government can’t use it’s profits to commit genocide against the Rohingya people in their own land.

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  2. Nyein Wai
    September 05, 08:39 #2 Nyein Wai

    Any way, we don’t care your unfair action.We, Myanmar are strong for our nation.
    We are not terrorist. But we have the right to fight against for our country, for our nation.

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    • Bisa Waheed
      September 05, 09:49 Bisa Waheed

      So, fighting nation involves setting innocent children to fire and sexually assaulting innocent women? You are merciless monsters and karma will come for you. You people are nothing but Buddhist terrorists, spreading fear everywhere and will face your economic demise soon.

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    • Anna Willowson
      September 05, 09:52 Anna Willowson

      55 Muslims countries will sever their ties will your terrorist nation soon. Your nation will fade away and leave behind a legacy of fear and criminalize Buddhism forever.

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      • Nyein Wai
        September 05, 14:52 Nyein Wai

        You only knows the fake news and wrong information.

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      • Nyein Wai
        September 05, 14:55 Nyein Wai

        You must try to know the real situation in Rakhine State. The actual victim are Rakhine, Myo, Dinet ethnic peoples. They are minority in Northern Rakhine State. The Bengali (so called Rohinga) are the real terrorists. They attack our poor ethnic groups. They are extremist terrorists.

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        • Zarni
          September 05, 20:42 Zarni

          If your country is threatened by illegal immigrants and they try to become citizens, what would you do? Protect your original citizens and fight illegal immigrants or accept them?

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          • Shannon786
            September 09, 10:25 Shannon786

            The Rohingya community and it’s people have been there for centuries you muppet! Try to do some homework before you open a mouth full of shit.

  3. Bitter Truth
    September 05, 12:53 #3 Bitter Truth

    There are some extremist all over the world but dire extremist are Muslims..
    Maldivians doesn’t talk about IS killing of innocent peoples…

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    • Zarni
      September 05, 20:44 Zarni

      Don’t tell it. You will be killed. Muslim Nations never talk and don’t want to hear like this.

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  4. Yin M P
    September 06, 11:15 #4 Yin M P

    Just my opnion, i dont hate Muslim. I dont hate differences . I dont hate those bengali or rohingya for their religion or whatever. I m sincerely sorry they are in trouble shit.I dont mind malala or whoever stand for them. Its understandable to support the weaks. So do I.The thing is, are they really weak?

    bengali or rohingya guys, I m not proud to say that but it turns out like you are sort of guests by force,who rape the daughter of the host, kill the family members, request to own that house , and after all announce as innocence. Dont you think it’s a bit too much?

    I do not hate you guys for no reason. Life is too short for hate and stuff. But why arakan people from there are dying with high rate? Why are they fleeing from their home land? Why woman are travelling with poison for rather suicide than raped by you guys? Why are they unsafe and in great danger on the own land?

    Well, i dont need a reason. We got facts. So yeah, now i dont appreciate your way of surviving.

    You know what .the world is concerned about you guys. We have been ashamed as one with no respects on human right. But if you really think you deserve human right, act like human. Show respect to people who give some of you citizenship. Stop killing people who have shared their land. Don’t even think to rape those little girls .it’s basic ethic.

    You can live there but please in peace. You can request your name on citizenship card but not in the history of Myanmar ethnic. You can even be people who belong to that land but not by killing, raping, pushing the original residence.

    Also the rest of the world, go see what is happening on that land. Please dont judge unseen. How many of you really been there or have contacted with locals? By no offense but why don’t you welcome them if you really care. Why don’t any of you start sharing your land, let them be your guests or citizens if you may.

    A question is “Will you bear to title human right? ” when some of them rape your people or kill like worthless.Well, I doubt.

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  5. Yin M
    September 06, 11:34 #5 Yin M

    Dear Mr. Presidents

    If you wish to take your Muslim brothers and
    sisters you can accept them. Your Bengali or
    Rohingya massacred innocent Rakhine people
    and lie the world that they are slaughtered.

    As you and Bengali Rohingya are same faith
    both of your countries have duty to sure that
    they can live in peace.

    That’s why both of you should grant asylum
    to those Bengali Rohingya.

    If you do so we all Myanmar people will be
    deeply grateful to you for your kindness.

    With regards

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  6. dheyo
    September 06, 11:47 #6 dheyo

    There are two sides to every story, we’re are hearing only one side of the ‘Rohinga genocide’ because the Myanmar government isn’t letting in any foreign journalists or UN observers. From what I’ve read the situation is lot more complex than what the main stream media is portraying it as.

    Its almost become a trademark of Maldivian governments to have knee jerk reactions to most international incident, without considering the implications or truths. This decision could very well be one of many by the current administration to demonize any country that’s not Sunni Muslim (obviously China is exempt from this) and in line with the Saudi agenda. It (IMO) has nothing to do with human rights.

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  7. MissIndia
    September 07, 06:35 #7 MissIndia

    So tuna is off the menu in Myanmar. What a shame!
    If the Maldivian government is so concerned about the plight of the Rohingyas, why not resettle a few thousand on your atolls? They are fanatical muslims like you who will adapt quickly to your ‘100% muslim’ country. That goes to other muslim countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia who keep droning on about the plight of the poor Rohingyas but do little to help. Why can’t the Saudi royal family forego a few Learjets, Ferraris and Rolexes and give these people some assistance? I can’t see the racist Arabs resettling them in their own country however.
    Why is it that 90% of the displaced persons, refugees and asylum seekers in the world today are from failed muslim states? So what happened to the great muslim ummah and caliphate? Gone phut?

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  8. MissIndia
    September 08, 07:21 #8 MissIndia

    The Rohingyas are Bangladeshi Muslims and former East Pakistanis.
    What exactly is Bangladesh and Pakistan doing to help? Why is it up to non muslim countries to offer assistance each time a humanitarian disaster strikes a muslim community?

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    • Miss New Zealand
      September 08, 22:44 Miss New Zealand

      Why are you so obsessed with Maldives? Go focus on helping your country and it’s 497504859303844348859404857584o49585844958575589404 issues and problems

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  9. MAZ
    September 08, 16:27 #9 MAZ

    And they claim that Buddhism is the most peace loving religion. Peace loving or piece making religion???
    They are cutting living people into pieces, burning them alive, burring the innocent women and children alive in mass graves.
    One day they would have to answer for their deeds.

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