Maldives judges ‘took millions in bribes’ as part of coup plot

Maldives judges ‘took millions in bribes’ as part of coup plot
February 07 18:07 2018

Judges took millions of dollars in bribes to facilitate a coup, Maldives police said Wednesday.

Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed and Judge Ali Hameed were both arrested hours after a state of emergency was declared Monday night.

Their arrest, together with the storming of the Supreme Court and the arrest of former leader Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, has plunged the country into crisis.

Acting police chief Abdulla Nawaz told reporters that police had found evidence that millions of dollars were given to Saeed and Hameed of the Supreme Court, and to court official Hassan Saeed, as bribes.

Last week the Supreme Court ordered the release of nine prisoners, but President Abdulla Yameen resisted and instead rounded up more of his opponents.

On Tuesday the remaining Supreme Court judges revoked the order to release the prisoners.

Nawaz said police had reason to believe Gayoom had bribed politicians and influenced judges in order to overthrow the government.

All four are being charged with attempting to unlawfully overthrow the government.

Nawaz said police had found “lots of cash” that was connected to Hameed and that “lots of cash” had been found under Hassan Saeed’s mattress.

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  1. Michael Fahmy (not nickname)
    February 08, 02:16 #1 Michael Fahmy (not nickname)

    Nothing that is revealed or found out and announced will surprise me. Maldives is a totally corrupt country at every level of the power structure. The politicians lack all semblance of decency and honesty.

    Things appear to have got worse, rather than better, over the years. The Gayoom brothers washing dirty clothes of each other in public will not enhance their reputation.

    Maldives is not like India and Sri Lanka. It is not like Singapore and Malaysia either. Maldives is something else. I myself do not know what it is. You may know. Please tell us.

    Maldivians must undergo a DNA test to find out who they are related to. May be that they are related, by blood, to Saudis as well as Chinese.

    President Yameen is in total control of his country. But Idi Ameen and Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi were in total control of their respective countries too. I could compare Yameen to other dictators of the world.

    Yameen reversed many of the policies of his half-brother Gayoom, and Gayoom’s own children and other close relatives are now divided in their loyalties.

    Can the people do something? I doubt it.

    Can other countries do something? I doubt it.

    Can the international organisations do something? I doubt it.

    Maldives has always been like this. Nothing has changed. Nothing is likely to change.

    Maldivians are so sure of themselves. And Yameen is sure enough too.

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  2. Private Tourist
    February 08, 04:09 #2 Private Tourist

    Nawaz said police had found “lots of cash” that was connected to Hameed and that “lots of cash” had been found under Hassan Saeed’s mattress.

    Yeah right!

    Yameen’s days as President are numbered. The International community will tolerate so much. A vague dictator is one thing but a total suppression of democracy and especially the Judicial Authority and accordingly over-riding the Constitution will not instil confidence for the Tourist or their Respective governments. The ESSENTIAL TRAVEL warning will bring everything to a head. Without funds the police and army will not do his bidding.

    Its hard to make sense of it all, because we tend to possibly endow Yameen with intelligence and possibly a sense of duty albeit misguided. This is why we thought the SC decision was the end.

    But he is not intelligent. He is like the despots Saddam Hussain and Gaddafi. They, like Yameen were drunk on power. Like crack cocaine they could not give it up even when the enemy tanks had flattened the palaces.

    They hung on and hung on and every attempt they made became more and more desperate. And it cost them their lives.

    Yameen had his last chance as soon as the SC turned against him. He chose like Gaddafi and Saddam to make a fight of it.

    I will admit I was wrong, I knew he was stupid but I didn’t think he was truly psychotic.

    I suspect if even God Himself denounced him, Yameen would send the police round to arrest him.

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    • Provocateur Extraordinaire
      February 08, 19:54 Provocateur Extraordinaire

      Though I can understand your despair, I’m not sure the same about your optimism that Yameen’s days are numbered when you write “Without funds the police and army will not do his bidding.” China can provide the necessary funds for both and it is a pittance against the payoffs expected i.e. complete control over Maldives. After all, you should know that as far as China is concerned, this is a tested business model. In Pakistan, a half a million military controls the country of 200 million aided by China. Same is mostly true for North Korea.
      So all in all difficult times for democracy in Maldives. Hope better sense prevails all around.

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  3. Kareem
    February 08, 09:29 #3 Kareem


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