Maldives condemns US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

Maldives condemns US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital
December 07 16:03 2017

The Maldivian government, political parties and opposition leaders have strongly condemned US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

In a statement Wednesday, the government called the move “a flagrant disregard of international law which could have dire consequences not only for the Middle East peace process and to the peace, security and stability in the region, but also, to the maintenance of international peace and security as a whole.”

It added: “The Maldives considers East Jerusalem as occupied Palestinian territory. The Maldives therefore calls on the United States to respect the relevant UN Security Council resolutions and not hinder the international efforts to advance the peace process.”

The statement reiterated the stance that an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital was the only solution to the decades-old conflict and denounced “Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian territories.”

Both the ruling party and opposition parties also put out statements expressing outrage over the Trump administration’s decision.

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  1. Michael Fahmy (not nickname)
    December 07, 20:12 #1 Michael Fahmy (not nickname)

    The establishment of the State of Israel, the methods used to establish it, and more still, the methods used to maintain it, smells like the continuation of European (that is white man’s and Christians’) colonial rule outside their own borders.

    The Palestinian Mandate enjoyed by UK and the Balfour Declaration that went with British power over Muslims and Jews in Palestine benefited the realisation and fulfillment of the land and territory based, and ethnic, world religion (Jerusalem is their Capital) that Judaism has shown itself to be.

    Incidentally, neither Christianity nor Islam happens to be an ethnic, land and territory dependent religion like Judaism.

    Further, inspite of numerical superiority over Jews, Muslims are no more than paper-tigers compared to World-conquering and World ruling Jews who live mainly in White-countries and nowadays particularly
    in the USA.

    The coming to power, as President, of Donald Trump (with his money-bags, pseudo-Christianity and Jewish in-laws and Jewish grandchildren) presents a golden opportunity for Jews to conquer the entire Middle East, one country after another. USA is on the side of the Jews.

    Weapons, money and intellect for Israel comes from the so-called West.

    This is a mighty challenge to Arabs in particular and all Muslims in general.

    A war that will last a thousand years has been ignited by Donald Trump.

    Stupid? Well, I am not sure.

    When will we (that is you and me) learn?

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  2. Kareem
    December 08, 08:35 #2 Kareem

    Come on trump

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