India ‘deeply dismayed’ by Maldives state of emergency extension

India ‘deeply dismayed’ by Maldives state of emergency extension
February 21 15:00 2018

India said Wednesday it was deeply dismayed the Maldives had extended a state of emergency, after previously saying it was their expectation the government would not do this.

Ties between the two countries have been in the spotlight since the Maldives signed a massive free trade deal with China, and relations have become strained in recent months through a combination of snubs, suspensions, tweets and editorials.

“We are deeply dismayed that the government of Maldives has extended the state of emergency for a further 30 days. The manner in which the extension… was approved by the Majlis (parliament) in contravention of the constitution is also a matter of concern,” said the Ministry of External Affairs.

“The consequent delay in the resumption of the political process and the continuing suspension of the functioning of democratic institutions including the judiciary is likely to further delay restoration of normalcy in Maldives.”

President Abdulla Yameen said he declared a state of emergency in order to investigate an alleged plot to overthrow his government. It followed a landmark ruling from the Supreme Court that ordered the release of prisoners, who are also Yameen’s opponents, including former president Mohamed Nasheed.

Only 38 MPs were present for Tuesday’s crucial vote, which took place hours before the state of emergency was due to expire, despite 43 lawmakers being needed for the vote to take place as required by the constitution. All 38 were from the ruling party and all 38 approved the extension.

Opposition lawmakers had boycotted the vote, and the debate on Monday about the state of emergency and Yameen’s extension request, to prevent the vote from happening. But the extension was approved anyway.

The US called on Yameen to end the state of emergency and uphold the rule of law.

The State Department said Yameen should “permit the full and proper functioning of the Parliament and the judiciary, restore constitutionally guaranteed rights of the people of Maldives, and respect Maldives’ international human rights obligations and commitments.”

UK politicians discussed the state of emergency in parliament.

Hugo Swire MP asked the government if it would head a mission to the Maldives, or encourage the United Nations to do so, given the presence of thousands of British holidaymakers there and the potential to bring “China and India into an unwelcome regional conflict.”

Minister Mark Field said the suggestions would be taken into consideration and added that he, too, was “deeply troubled” by recent events in the troubled honeymoon destination.

The state of emergency ends on March 22.

Photo: Auf Majeed

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  1. dooky
    February 21, 18:11 #1 dooky

    China is the second economic power today and her military might is not exposed.
    Around 2030 China will be the biggest Military and Economic power in the world. and Indians will die of hunger and disease on streets at that time.
    The Maldives can benefit a lot from China.
    Poverty India unable to feed her population and can offer a mouth service.
    Yes if any country wants how to corrupt their own people well they can ask poverty India ..Indians are masters of corruption and rapes.even a 6 yrs girl in Delhi is not safe

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    • Aashish k
      February 22, 22:48 Aashish k

      Dear little c***ks..come out of dream ..ur mighty Chinese Navy can’t even sail to ur little male if India doesn’t desire so. Infact India gave Chinese a lesson in doklam.

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      • DOOKY
        February 23, 15:01 DOOKY

        First let the poverty India recapture her land from China then bark.
        World know the Kuwalidy(Inglish) of the arm forces of poverty India .
        Soon poverty India has to beg China to sail in the sea joker.
        China need not fire a single bullet to teach a lesson to poverty India simply airlifting hot fried rice and FARIN(INGLISH) cigarettes beed smoking Indian army will throw the guns and run to collect these .
        poverty India shut up simply for an editorial of a Chinese daily ..what a joke .
        Can poverty India match the military and economic muscle of China today ? even after 1000 years it is not possible

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        • G
          March 03, 11:46 G

          Lol this guy isn’t not Chinese, he is Pakistani.

          Also, India occupies more land that China claims than China occupies that India claims.
          You can keep abusing India if you think it is making you look any better haha. You keep talking about powerful China and bad India however you fail to realise as a Pakistani that our countries have goals and objectives, therefore one way or another we will settle every issue.
          Anyway, as far as Maldives is concerned – peace to them. India should not worry so much about Maldives, let China build the naval base and then we will monitor closely to take action depending on how it impacts our security. It looks like the regional dynamics will change and Maldives should make their own decision in their best interest, as will China and so will India.

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    • Zorro
      February 28, 05:49 Zorro

      Idiot, you owe us millions of USD still. Check with facts before you comment.

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  2. Michael Fahmy
    February 22, 01:59 #2 Michael Fahmy

    Mr Yameen has been running his administration from the very beginning as if a state of emergency existed in the Maldives. Never before, at least in my memory, which is very long by Maldivian standards, has there been a situation in which so many high profile politicians have been under arrest, in prison or in exile all at the same time.

    The recent arrest of 2 Supreme Court Judges including the Chief Justice, and the added arrest of President Maumoon and his son, MP Faris, and one of Gayoom’s sons-in-law adds to the tenseness of the situation.

    The infamous Defamation Law to stifle criticism and the threat to re-introduce capital punishment is an important part of the story that said that there already was a state of emergency in fact. Not true.

    Therefore, formalisation of the EMERGENCY by decree and its extension for 30 more days after the initial 15 days were over is not a surprise or something new and unexpected.

    As it is said, the EXTENTION does not seem to obey the dictates of the Constitution either. Worrying.

    Maldives has a habit of bypassing the Constitution when the rulers deem it necessary.

    A State of Emergency is declared when a government is weak and yet wants to feel strong. Mr Yameen has a need to appear to all that he is strong and in command.

    The truth of the situation is otherwise. He is weak and insecure. Yameen may feel that there is an Emergency. But the others concerned may not share his fears.

    There is no state of emergency.

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