India asked to take back gifted helicopter

India asked to take back gifted helicopter
April 04 11:13 2018

The Maldives has asked India to take back one of two naval helicopters gifted for use by the military to transport critical patients and conduct search and rescue operations.

Citing a top Maldivian government source, the Times of India reported Wednesday that Malé wants a Dornier maritime surveillance aircraft to replace the ‘Dhruv’ Advanced Light Helicopter, which presently operates out of the southernmost atoll.

The Maldives government chose not to renew the letter of exchange for the helicopter when it expired recently, TOI said, despite previous renewals every two years.

The newspaper suggested the development will further strain relations between India and Maldives after public spats over a 45-day state of emergency last month.

An Indian government source told the paper that New Delhi was “closely watching the situation” after Pakistan’s army chief visited the Maldives last week and discussed joint patrols of the country’s territorial waters.

The Maldives source meanwhile denied that the government is considering asking India to take back the other helicopter, which operates from a military airport in Laamu atoll.

Since India handed over the first helicopter (Kurangi) in 2010, the Maldivian military has used it for dozens of emergency evacuations.

On Sunday, the helicopter was used to transport a 30-year-old man with diving decompression sickness to Addu City from the Gahdhoo island in Gaaf Dhaal atoll. A patient was also airlifted to Malé from the island of Madifushi in Thaa atoll on the same day.

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  1. MumbaiMadam
    April 04, 14:32 #1 MumbaiMadam

    Yes please do return all the military hardware gifted to you by the government of India. The IGMH hospital has also been gifted to by India. Any chance you can pay us for it? Might bankrupt your minuscule economy.
    As a tax paying indian citizen I don’t see why my taxes should be given in aid to backward, politically unstable muslim countries with whom we have absolutely nothing in common.

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    • DOOKY
      April 05, 14:12 DOOKY

      Old Woman
      Maldives is existing for centuries as a popular maritime route …there was no India in the map before the arrival of Europeans …without your IGMH hospital where third grade Indian doctors work came recently ..this is 21st century not Ramayana period Maldivian staff at state and government sectors have had education in the West..Singapore..Japan ..Korea..and china got it ?
      Is your poverty India is politically stable ?While dozen of kids are dying at hospital without oxygen cylinders ..looters are running outside poverty India to safe heaven..while imported Italian ex-bar girl is struggling with her own corruption court cases…even an African tiny country will not allow a foreigner inside their corridor of power …but poverty Indians touch the feet of this Italian Dalit woman

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      • Shinzo
        April 06, 17:51 Shinzo

        Another Pakistan, happy to sit in the Chinese lap. Will cry once become pregnant with China’s child (Loan). Fools do not understand what the newly found love of Chinese for them mean..Happy to become a Chinese territory..

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  2. Tamil
    April 04, 17:28 #2 Tamil

    Maldives Govt. of Yameen can return the Helicopter to India.. but how can you return the love and affection, we showed to you guys in the past?.. When you were in need, we helped you with drinking water, medicines, trainings, food packets!.. & today, you are showing this in return… God will give justice to you guys!..

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  3. Dev
    April 05, 01:21 #3 Dev

    Please ask your citizen not to visit India for education and medical . You can send them Pakistan or China. China can give your country loan for this also. Please close all relation with India. Mr. Yameen remember one thing ..from centuries we have taken care Maldives. Only because of Maldivens definitely not break their relation with India. They will through you miles way in South China sea. One more thing Don t think India will be silent on your activity. If India wish you can be kick off anytime. None of your brother from Saudi or China or paki will come to save you.

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  4. Frequent Vistor
    April 05, 12:33 #4 Frequent Vistor

    India has always been a good friend to the Malvides providing humanitarian aid to its people not only with food and water but heathcare and support in many ways. Asking the Indian goverment to take back the helicopter is like asking your uncle to take back a present he gave because its no longer any use to you.
    This is a very ungrateful action and the Maldives should be deeply ashamed. Why could’nt the Maldives just put the helicopter into storage? Or do they need to make way for the arrival of Chinese helicopters, you know the ones doing underwater research

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  5. MissIndia
    April 05, 13:15 #5 MissIndia

    What about returning the other helicopter too? Maldivians are also advised not to buy any Indian made product. The next time you shop, if the item says MADE IN INDIA, don’t buy it. This applies to petroleum products, packaged foodstuffs, fresh vegetables, rice, stationery, text books, ready made garments, textiles, cosmetics, motor cars, vans, motorcycles, three wheelers, motor parts, refrigerators, washing machines, packaged drinking water and medicines ( drugs you already procure from your junkie brothers in Afghanistan and Pukeistan). You will soon see that this has no effect on our trade or exports because you are truly an insignificant market for our goods. Seriously!
    For medical treatment you should go to Saudi Arabia and for koranic studies to your brother country Pukeistan. Better still, learn Mandarin and go to China. Got it?
    Why it it that the people of small and insignificant countries are always full of themselves?

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    • Dooky
      April 05, 16:32 Dooky

      Old woman note that supplies for MALDIVES came from Ceylon for a long time even many ex-leaders of Maldives were educated in Ceylon .Earlier administrative ..teaching professionals all came from Ceylon
      Take your rusted junk helicopters all Russian made ..also please ask your namo jokers to take back all poverty Indians from Saudi Arabia and also from all Middle East countries then talk else shut up .
      When a car enter a poverty Indian village people go and see this such an illiterate primitive jokers ..not in Maldives and neighboring countries ..Even a Maldivian clerk can visit Singapore and Thailand and thus know what is development and standards …you all shit in public in day time comment about others ..he he he

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  6. DOOKY
    April 05, 13:57 #6 DOOKY

    He He He
    Jokers think Maldives is a part of poverty India.
    Poverty India is unable to solve simple water distribution problem between two poverty states is going to teach a lesson to Maldives.
    First try to give drinking water to poverty Indians who shit in public places in the day time .
    This is not the Maldives of 60 s this country can manage everything ..there is a organization called UN which can supply enough doctors and other needs.also many Asian countries have excellent doctors ..MBBS is being sold in poveryt Indian Medical Colleges.
    Dont forget to take your Indian made X RAY machines stopped working long ago at hospitals here becaues of its quality when you take your rusted helicopoter.
    Street living poverty begger(India) like to give donation like a wealthy guy (China)in the same street.
    Please stop Indians coming to Maldives and asked them to go to Italy for holidays worries imported ex-nanny cum bar girl from Italy will stamp visa for all of you.
    Maldives to day is an International brand what a shame poverty India is unable to start a world class resort in nearby lakhsdeep Island….do you know how many private jets landed in Maldives during easter holidays from Europe?

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  7. dooky
    April 05, 14:02 #7 dooky

    Poverty Indians must awake from their Mahabaratha dreams and come to reality.
    Economic and Military growth of Greater China is unstopable …
    Dont imagine that your western friends will come and help ..they can probably come after Greater China swallow poverty India ..without firing a single shot..simply airlifting foreign cigarettes and hot fried rice ..big stomach jawans will run to collect these.
    Better poveryt Indian government start constructing toilets else soon S.E.Asia will be under a cloud of bacteria from your open air toilets.

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  8. MissIndia
    April 05, 15:29 #8 MissIndia

    Dooky time for you to wrap your indian made lungi and go on your jihad. Don’t go via Columbo because they are fed up with their muslims too….10% of the population and already a pain in the a$$.
    Presumably you live in Male Shitty, the most congested capital city in the world where even drinking water is in short supply? Oh dear what a shame!
    If your government wants helicopters, patrol boats, maritime reconnissance aircraft, radar equipment, CT and MRI scanners, x ray machines and surgical instruments, buy them with your own money. Do not constantly beg from India. You can always borrow from the Chinese…..the next Global Superpower and Masters of the Universe!
    With your new found love for the Chinese may I suggest you rename Male Shitty …..The Forbidden Shitty.
    (Hope the internet is working on your trawler and your Chinese made smartphone is fully charged).

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