Imran’s terrorism trial to resume

Imran’s terrorism trial to resume
October 12 13:12 2015

Sheikh Imran Abdulla, the president of the religious conservative Adhaalath Party, will be brought to the criminal court at 10am tomorrow for a hearing on a terrorism charge.

The second hearing is taking place four months after charges were first read out. Imran is being held at a low-security prison on Himmafushi Island.

The criminal court had blamed the suspension of Imran’s trial on the delay in the construction of a new courtroom.

“Whether the hearing will be held at the new court room or not, will be known tomorrow,” a spokesman said.

Imran was arrested for a second time on June 1 and charged with terrorism for allegedly inciting violence at a historic anti-government protest on May 1. The next day, a three-judge panel ruled Imran be kept in custody until the end of the trial.

On June 8, two of the three presiding judges were promoted to the High Court. The trial has remained stalled since.

It is not clear if a new bench has been set. Husnu Suood, Imran’s lawyer, said they have not been able to clarify changes to the bench.

Imran was transferred from a remand center to a high security prison on Maafushi Island on July 23. On August 5, the chief judge of the criminal court, Abdulla Mohamed, transferred Imran to house arrest, citing health concerns.

But Judge Bari held a surprise hearing the next day and ordered Imran be taken back into state custody. He cited the findings in a police intelligence report which was not shared with defence lawyers.

Judge Bari alone held the August 6 hearing.

Since his arrest, Imran has been brought to Malé several times for medical care.