Government blames Nasheed for delay in MRI scan

Government blames Nasheed for delay in MRI scan
September 17 15:48 2015

The government has blamed former President Mohamed Nasheed for the delay in obtaining an MRI scan recommended by the doctor for an old spinal injury.

Thazmeel Abdul Samad, the home ministry’s spokesman, said the doctor had recommended Nasheed rest in a stress free environment and undergo physiotherapy and daily swims before obtaining the MRI.

“He is to undergo the scan only after fulfilling these conditions. But President Nasheed has opted not to swim daily. This is why we have not facilitated a scan for him,” Thazmeel said.

Nasheed’s lawyers on Wednesday sent a letter to the Home Ministry requesting the opposition leader be brought to Malé to undergo the scan as soon as possible.

A neurosurgeon on August 19 recommended Nasheed take the scan after two weeks. At the time Nasheed was under house arrest, but a few days later he was returned to jail.

His lawyers claim Nasheed’s transfer to jail is illegal as the government had commuted his 13 year jail sentence on terrorism charges to house arrest. The government denies authorizing the permanent transfer to house arrest.

The home ministry, speaking to the press after Nasheed’s re-imprisonment, said the doctor had recommended Nasheed be kept under house arrest, but said it was not obliged to comply with all of the doctor’s recommendations.

Nasheed has filed a petition with the UN working group on arbitrary detention, requesting a judgment declaring his imprisonment arbitrary and illegal.

A ruling is expected in September or October, Nasheed’s office has said.

Nasheed was sentenced over the arrest of a judge during his tenure. The trial was widely criticized for lack of due process, and world leaders including UK Prime Minister David Cameron have called for his release.

The UN, the American and British governments have renewed calls for Nasheed’s release.

Five politicians, including Nasheed, have been jailed on a variety of charges since the current political crisis began in February. Many have complained of health issues.

The home ministry this week has authorized a period of seven days for former defence minister Mohamed Nazim to seek treatment abroad.

Former ruling Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) MP, Ahmed Nazim, has also filed a complaint against the government with the human rights watchdog over alleged mistreatment.