China slaps down India over Maldives crisis

China slaps down India over Maldives crisis
February 07 13:56 2018

India has no justification for intervening in the Maldives crisis, Chinese state media has said, as former president Mohamed Nasheed renewed his appeal for international help to resolve the turmoil.

He asked India to send troops after a state of emergency was declared. Since his plea two top judges have been arrested and a Supreme Court order to release high-profile prisoners, including him, has been revoked.

China, which has rattled New Delhi with closer ties to the tiny country, referred to the chaos in subdued fashion on Tuesday.

The Maldives significance comes from its proximity to international sea lanes through which the majority of the world’s oil and half of its container shipments pass.

The state-run Global Times, a hawkish tabloid that often reflects the thinking of the communist party leadership, accused India of having “a strong desire to control South Asian countries.”

“New Delhi is particularly sensitive to any endeavor by small South Asian states toward independence and autonomy, especially ties with other major powers. New Delhi takes it for granted that it can openly intervene in their domestic affairs,” it said.

“When (President Abdulla) Yameen’s government signed a free trade agreement with China and joined the Belt and Road initiative, Indian public opinion reacted harshly,” said the editorial, referring to a massive deal that commits both nations to reduce tariffs on most goods to zero.

The FTA and the hundreds of millions of dollars that China is lending the Maldives have bound the two countries closer together.

Nasheed has accused China of a land grab.

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  1. usha
    February 07, 14:47 #1 usha

    China is a known land grabber. India has never grabbed others land

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  2. Private Tourist
    February 07, 21:12 #2 Private Tourist

    Oh really?

    “In view of the aforementioned special circumstance should any Chinese citizens still travel to the Maldives after the publication of these warnings and announcements, then there is a possibility that these individuals will encounter risks to their safety, which could impair the effectiveness of any relief measures, the costs of which shall all be borne by the individual responsible.”… Chinese Government

    So if things get bad and Chinese Tourists get into trouble along with Indian tourists or whoever, China would prefer India to NOT afford them any help?

    Don’t worry everything going to plan. Chinese Puppet Yameen destroys Tourism. Chinese move in. Establish base at Gan to face up to Diego Garcia.

    Before you know it they will own all of Indian Ocean as well as South China Sea.

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  3. venze
    February 08, 07:49 #3 venze

    One would least expect the turmoil in Maldives which occupies a strategic position in Indian Ocean could drag in China and India in such a big way. The pro-Chinese and pro-Indian groups have been fighting intensively for absolute power. Just hope that it will not blow up to ignite yet another Sino-Indian conflict.
    Sanity from all in the small nation is the order of the day.

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  4. dooky
    February 08, 17:01 #4 dooky

    Poverty India has no money even to put up one international standard resort like in the Maldives.
    79% Indians go to bed with the empty stomach buy land you need money …beggers has no purse.

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    • Voice of Concern
      February 09, 16:23 Voice of Concern

      Wow, 79% of Indians go to bed with empty stomach. I can see where this exaggerated data coming from. Anyway, keep harping and shouting false hood expecting others to give you some attention dude. You seems to be full of self inflated ego my boy, so keep harping and take your 50 cent to have some food, or else you will have to sleep with empty stomach.

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      • DOOKY
        February 12, 12:36 DOOKY

        He He He so the life in poverty India is like life in Indian movies ?
        Walk even in a city beggars everywhere ..and the dirty smell is everywhere people sleep under roads .trees ,are common ..poverty India is the largest illiterate country in the world ..also biggest child labourers are here ..HIV is 10% higher than China ..still students study under tress..tell us how many Indians eat one square of meal atleast a day ..poveryt Indian government release fake statistics to fool illiterate people there and votes are being sold for Rs.20- what shame ?Guys like you from the biggest open air toilet in the world must accept the truth.

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    • Indian worrior
      February 09, 16:53 Indian worrior

      Oh really ….I am Indian I know for sure the statistics you in mind in shit…
      And by the way ur country chinky is full of debt ….u might have to sell your wife and kids in coming years ….lil dick shit …duplicates invaders

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      • dOOKY
        February 12, 12:46 dOOKY

        Millions of poverty Indians are cleaning toilets in Arab lands and Mallu babies are selling themselves for dollars …so called Indian female students are marrying old men for money in Australia and in Europe …you talk about culture.?.Maldives with small population generate USD 9 Billion in tourism alone but in poverty not only local girls even tourists are not safe rapists everywhere .
        Will any tourist visit a country where even drinking water is not safe and security is zero.?
        Go and see Chinese cities even a girl can walk on streets in midnight..Poverty India is a joke today allover in Asia and no neighboring country respect these dirts.A land of patch work of tribes waiting for the fate of USSR and Yugoslavia soon.Maldives never ruled by an Italian Dalit ex bar girl cum baby sister and even Brahmins worship her .

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    • MissIndia
      February 12, 14:38 MissIndia

      Dooky, you seem mightily impressed with the ‘international standard’ resorts of the Maldives. Seems you have never left your atoll. What a shame the Maldives government never invested in good hospitals and universities so now we Indians have to put up with you dimwitted jihadis flooding in.

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  5. 100%Hindu
    February 08, 18:12 #5 100%Hindu

    China should keep its nose out of Maldives and mind its own business. These morons think the whole of South Asia belongs to them including all of the South China Sea nations. They seem to have conflicts with all the countries that share their land borders.
    India should also not interfere in the squalid politics of Maldives, a ‘100% Muslim’ country that has always been hostile to India and Hindus.
    Another experiment with democracy comes to a shuddering end in yet another Muslim country! You dumb people seem to function only with despots, dictators and kings. Sadly not much has changed since the seventh century.
    The fat bearded mullahs were right all along…….democracy is incompatible with Islam.

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    • DOOKY
      February 09, 17:14 DOOKY

      Indian morons dont know today Pakistan..Seychelles ,Djoubout,Bangaldesh,Sri Lanka ,Nepal and Maldives all under Chinese influence this is because of the foolish foreign policy of poverty India

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    • dooky
      February 10, 00:06 dooky

      Indian democracy is a laughing stock today where poverty illiterate Indian vote for cash, liquor and buriyaani .

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  6. RAW
    February 08, 23:16 #6 RAW

    Yameen you sold your soul and yourself and also many Maldivians to Chinese. Are you a President or a puppet of China. Now here is a warning, you make a false move against India and then we will show you what we can do. Dont ever, ever underestimate the Indian Power. We dont get cowed down with China.

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    • DOOKY
      February 10, 00:04 DOOKY

      Hello Indian jokers tomorrow if Maldives invite Pakistan army tomorrow will bead smoking Indian troops fight with Pakis?

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  7. Voice of Concern
    February 09, 16:26 #7 Voice of Concern

    China slaps down India !!!
    Hahahaha … this childish writer made my day. Keep up the shit work and entertaining the world mate.

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  8. Ameer Tarin
    February 10, 16:42 #8 Ameer Tarin

    India is known to have grabbed land in Kashmir, Himachal, Hydrabad, Junagarah, Bangladesh, Nepal and unsuccessfully tried to occupy Sri Lanka during Bandaranaike rule. May Allah SWT save Maldives from Indian nefarious designs and save it from Indian evil eye to destroy Maldives tourist industry. Long Live Maldives.

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  9. dooky
    February 10, 19:39 #9 dooky

    Poverty Indians are vomiting …even after another 1000 years poverty India if she exists cant reach the development and international respect of China.
    When the China president visits America he first meets businessmen only after this he will meet the US president.He He He when President Bush visted poverty India a few years ago Puppet Manmohan was at the airport since early morning without knwing the simple protocol.
    Who are these poverty Indians to advice or warn China?First, go with your beedi smoking Army and recapture your lands taken by China during 60 s

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    • MissIndia
      February 12, 12:05 MissIndia

      Dooky, it’s nice of you to take time off from fishing to send your poorly worded comments. Clearly you have not had the advantage of having a good education. Are there no good schools on your atoll? Shame!
      Yes the Maldives should seek help from its new friend China. You have so much in common with the chinese who have no concept of ‘ democracy ‘ or human rights.
      Seriously, why don’t you seek help from Pukeistan? We Indians have nothing in common with you whereas you have so much in common with the Pukeistanis……
      Same violent and intolerant religious beliefs.
      Same unstable and chaotic government.
      Same poorly educated people.
      Same radicalised drug addicted youth.
      Same dumb belief that you have Arab ancestry.
      As an Indian citizen I do not want the taxes of hindus to be spent on aid or military assistance to radicalized jihadis like you.
      Hope you get the gist of what I have said above.
      Now get back to the trawler.

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