Bangladesh seeks stronger trade ties with Maldives

Bangladesh seeks stronger trade ties with Maldives
July 30 10:00 2015

Seeking stronger trade relations with the Maldives, the Bangladeshi foreign ministry has requested the removal of trade barriers and suggested the opening of direct shipping links between Bangladesh and the Maldives.

In a meeting with Foreign Minister Dunya Maumoon earlier this week, the State Minister for Foreign Affairs Md. Shahriar Alam has said Bangladesh could export high quality products such as readymade garments, medicine, jute and leather goods, plastic and ceramic products at competitive prices.

According to a press statement by the Bangladeshi foreign ministry, Alam also welcomed the signing of agreements in healthcare and medical science sectors.

The move would facilitate the employment of Bangladeshi medical professionals in the Maldives and the enrollment of Maldivian students in Bangladeshi medical and dental colleges, he said.

Noting opportunities in the marine sector, Alam also urged the Maldivian government and entrepreneurs to invest in deep-sea fishing.

A large majority of the 124,000 migrant workers in the Maldives come from Bangladesh. Many of them are subjected to human trafficking.

The Maldives has reopened its mission in Dhaka after closing it down last year due to budgetary constraints.

Alam was in the Maldives to attend the Golden Jubilee of Independence celebrations.