Adeeb’s prison cell raided

Adeeb’s prison cell raided
January 10 15:49 2018

Jailed former vice president Ahmed Adeeb’s prison cell has been raided by police on the suspicion that he was hiding a mobile phone, reports local media.

Citing a confidential source, Raajje MV said the raid occurred on Monday at the detention facility on Dhoonidhoo island.

Police believe that Adeeb was secretly using a mobile phone to contact people outside the prison to give instructions on tweeting about his health condition, the source said.

The raid was conducted by a police forensic team from the capital city Malé, whereas previous raids have been conducted by police teams stationed at the Dhoonidhoo island facility.

Adeeb, who is serving a 33-year prison sentence for multiple counts of terrorism and corruption, is in need of urgent medical care, according to his family and lawyers.

Doctors have advised that he needs to be treated abroad for conditions such as internal cysts, kidney stones and glaucoma, but the government has refused to allow him to travel, claiming that he may flee.

Opposition figures and international organisations have called on the government to authorise medical leave for Adeeb.