Adeeb transferred to a high-security prison

Adeeb transferred to a high-security prison
January 28 13:54 2016

Former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb was transferred from a police remand facility to a high-security prison on Maafushi Island last night, the home ministry has confirmed.

Adeeb, who was first arrested on suspicion of links to the September 28 explosion on President Abdulla Yameen’s speedboat, is being held in custody until a verdict is reached on a separate charge of corruption.

The police are yet to file charges against Adeeb over the boat blast, which the government insists was caused by a bomb despite contradicting and apparently scant evidence.

Maafushi Island is an hour by speedboat from the capital while Dhoonidhoo where the police remand facility is located is just 15 minutes away.

Police say the Prisons and Parole Act allow suspects in pre-trial detention to be held at the high-security prison. The criminal court had ordered Adeeb be kept in any location determined by the home ministry.

Adeeb’s lawyers were not available for comment at the time of going to press.

The civil court is also to formally hear a complaint of discriminatory treatment in police custody, including alleged surveillance of family visits, after talks between Adeeb’s lawyers and the police failed.

Adeeb has also complained that he is made to sleep on a two-feet long concrete slab, despite being more than five foot nine inches tall.

Hearings are on going in one count of corruption and one count of terrorism. Adeeb faces at least 49 more counts of abuse of authority over millions missing from tourism leases.

Several of Adeeb’s associates have been arrested over the boat blast.