Young woman found dead in Malé was murdered

Young woman found dead in Malé was murdered
January 07 15:30 2016

A young woman whose body was discovered in Malé this morning was murdered, the police have said.

23-year-old Hawwa Zuha’s body was found at 6am in a narrow lane in Malé this morning. She was immediately taken to the Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital where she was declared dead upon arrival.

“The inquiry has so far established that the death was not of natural causes. We suspect that Hawwa Zuha was murdered and her body was thrown on the street on Dhoohimerimagu in Galolhu ward,” the police said in a statement.

The police now want to fly Zuha’s body abroad for a post mortem.

Zuha is from Laamu Atoll Gan Island. She was in Malé during a break from a drug rehabilitation program, her relatives told Sun Online.

Some 32 people have lost their lives to violent crime over the past five years. In 2015, eight people were murdered.