Two people arrested over assault

Two people arrested over assault
January 08 15:20 2018

Two people have been arrested for assaulting a woman from L. Mundoo, according to local media reports.

A 30-year old and a 19-year old man were arrested on the island under a court warrant, confirmed a police spokesman. Mihaaru reported that the vice president of the island council was among those arrested.

A council member said the woman who was assaulted had visited the council office on Sunday holding a knife and had a heated debate with one of the arrested.

“It’s believed that she was upset about the answer she received in response to a letter sent to court. She came into the council office yesterday holding a knife. At the time she argued with [a 19-year-old] and there was conflict between the two. She saw him near the harbour later that night and started to argue again,” said the council member to Mihaaru.

He also said the woman fell down during the argument at the harbour and sustained head injuries.

The assault took place at 9pm and the woman is being treated at Gan Regional Hospital, according to Avas.

Photo: Mihaaru