Two Maldivians arrested for bomb-making

Two Maldivians arrested for bomb-making
November 16 17:24 2017

Two Maldivian men have been arrested for bomb-making, local media reported, a day after authorities revealed they had thwarted a suicide attack in the capital.

The arrests relate to the pair making an improvised explosive device, news outlet Mihaaru said, and police found bomb making equipment at the home of one of the men. The Maldives Independent was unable to confirm the report.

One is a senior member of a gang and both are suspected to have had connections to foreign jihadi groups.

Mihaaru has confirmed the identities of the men arrested and the house from which the bomb-making equipment was found. However, as the information has not been disclosed by any authority and because of the anti-defamation act, we cannot disclose the information.”

A police spokesman did not deny the Mihaaru report, adding that no information could be shared at this point. Police so far have refused to comment on any terror-related operations they have conducted.

Thursday’s arrests follow official confirmation that two men charged with terrorism were planning to carry out a suicide attack in the capital Malé.

Ishag Ali and Hussein Afeef are alleged by police to have connections to the Islamic State group operating out of Syria and Iraq.