Teen attacked in second student stabbing case this year

Teen attacked in second student stabbing case this year
January 17 14:30 2018

A teenager was assaulted Tuesday in the second student stabbing case this year, reports local media.

The 14-year-old Dharumavantha school student was attacked with a sharp object at around 12.55pm on Lily Magu in the capital. He is being treated at ADK hospital.

Family have said he suffered multiple injuries – he was stabbed in the ribs with a knife, two of his fingers are broken and a CT scan revealed a head injury.

“He was stabbed outside the Center for Higher Secondary Education. But we can tell he was beaten up because of an injury to the head,” a family member told Mihaaru.

The teenager had a disagreement with a pupil at school today, his family has said. The family also said he was followed and attacked by a group of five people who had been waiting outside the school for him.

No arrests have yet been made for the case, but police confirmed an investigation is under way.

In a separate case, Mihaaru reported that a student attacked inside a school building Monday was the wrong target.

An anonymous source said a fight between students during school had resulted in the assault. One of the students in the fight had come back later with another man to assault his target, but attacked a student unrelated to the incident instead.

The victim was stabbed in the head with scissors. The assailants are still in police custody.

Following Monday’s attack, the Education Ministry has said it is working with the police on strengthening security at schools.

“We will take the necessary steps needed to ensure that students are safe after entering the four walls of the school. We’re also discussing this with the police,” said State Minister Ahmed Shafeeu.

Currently, there are guards posted outside every school building in the capital.

The Education Ministry also introduced a card to identify guardians of students last year, but Shafeeu said checking every parent is not practical. However, some schools have requested parents bring the guardian guard when they come to fetch the students.

There have been 35 cases of assault reported to the police so far this year.