Six arrested in raid on safari boat

Six arrested in raid on safari boat
October 11 15:49 2015

Five Maldivians and a foreigner were arrested from a safari boat on Saturday in an alcohol raid.

The six were arrested on a boat called Keif near Alif Alif Atoll Mathiveri Island. Cans of beer and liquor bottles were discovered on the boat.

The police said the raid was conducted on an intelligence tip-off.

Drinking alcohol is an offence for Maldivians, punishable by up to three months in jail and 40 lashes in public.

The Maldivians arrested include a 28-year-old and a 35-yearold man, and three women aged 31, 34 and 35 years. The foreigner whose nationality was not disclosed was 33 years old.

In late September, the Assistant Attorney General Ismail Wisham and his wife were arrested with alcohol and hash oil in a mid-night raid. He has since been dismissed and his wife, a senior public prosecutor, has been suspended.

In August, some three people were arrested in a guesthouse in Fuvahmulah Island for drinking alcohol.

In March, a 29-year old man who suffered multiple stab wounds was said to have been killed because of a disagreement over the illegal selling and brewing of alcohol.

In April, a 36-year old Sri Lankan man was arrested on the suspicion of selling alcohol.

In January, four individuals were arrested after the police confiscated alcohol bottles from their residence.