Police recover money stolen from Addu City murder victim

Police recover money stolen from Addu City murder victim
March 10 19:39 2016

The police have arrested three suspects in the murder of a 47-year-old businessman in Addu City and recovered cash stolen from the victim’s general store.

Ali Abdulla was found strangled to death in an abandoned taro field on the morning of March 2. Relatives began searching for Ali after discovering a burglary at his Two Waves shop in the Hithadhoo ward of Addu City.

An investigating team has been searching the residences and other homes linked to the two suspects, the police said in a statement.

The stolen money was found buried in a house searched last night.

The police said a woman faced “a health-related incident” upon seeing officers dig out the cash. She was taken to the Hithadhoo regional hospital for treatment.

According to local media, one of the two suspects in custody, Ahmed Ibrahim Didi is a nephew of the victim. The 39-year-old was arrested yesterday. The first suspect, a 24-year-old male, was arrested on Saturday.

A third man, 22 years, was arrested today.

A special investigation team from the serious and organised crime department is active in the southernmost atoll.