Police impose curfew on islanders over spike in crime

Police impose curfew on islanders over spike in crime
August 15 15:37 2016

The police have imposed an indefinite curfew on the island of Kaashidhoo in central Kaafu Atoll and prohibited residents from leaving their homes in the early hours of the morning, citing an increase in theft and vandalism.

“We have noticed that adults and children are awake and out after midnight without anything to do,” the police said in a public announcement on Friday.

“From August 12, 2016, it is forbidden for them to do so. We will be questioning those who are out after 1:00am without a reason. This is meant as a precautionary measure, owing to the recent increase cases of theft and vandalism.”

Individuals found “lurking” after the designated hours will be questioned, the police said.

Kaashidhoo is a farming community with a population of 1,865 people.

The island’s council president Easa Khaleel said he was not in favour of the curfew.

“I think that school-going children should be home after 1 am. But if an adult goes to the beach at night to get some air and is questioned over that, this is not good,” he said.

Police spokesman chief station inspector Ismail Ali reiterated that the rules apply only to people who “don’t have a reason” to be out.

“People aren’t forbidden from going out after midnight, only if they do so without a reason. People are still awake and out in the island during 1am and 2am at that island. This order comes because there have been damages to agricultural farms,” he said.

Dismissing concerns raised by Khaleel, he said: “People do not go out to the beach for cool breeze anymore.

“It’s just not a thing during this age of time. Everyone and anyone out after 1am without a reason will be questioned.”