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Posts From Shafaa Hameed and Ahmed Naish

Yameen’s father appeals for foreign involvement in murder probe

Despite claiming to have identified two suspects, the police have yet to make any arrests a week after the 29-year-old was found with multiple stab wounds in the stairway of his apartment building.

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Judicial watchdog backs supreme court’s sacking of judge

The Judicial Service Commission decided at a meeting on Monday that it does not have to take further action since the constitution declares the supreme court to be “the final authority” on all matters dealt with by a court of law.

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Yameen dismisses Nasheed’s presidential ambitions as futile

Nasheed hit back today at Yameen’s criticism of MDP members revolving around the opposition leader, saying his popularity is not his fault and declaring his intention to seek the opposition party’s presidential ticket.

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Yameen faction seeks court order to delay council elections

As the party’s database, membership registry, and other important documents are missing, the PPM will face “irreparable damage” if the polls take place as scheduled on January 14, reads the case summary.

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