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Business & Tourism

Government denies unfairly targeting Gasim’s businesses

Three ministers met the press at the president’s office to defend the Maldives Inland Revenue Authority, stressing that it is an independent institution whose enforcement actions are taken after due process and without any government interference.

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Tax authority freezes accounts of Gasim’s Villa Shipping company

The move comes days after Gasim predicted that Villa’s accounts could be frozen ahead of Monday’s no-confidence vote against the speaker of parliament.

High court rules against Gasim’s Villa in resort lease dispute

Gasim had predicted that the high court would rule against Villa. “It looks like a big wave is building, looks like they are going to freeze all the accounts of Villa Shipping company again,” he said Sunday night.

Hilton ordered to pay US$16m to MP Siyam’s Sun Travels

The judgment comes in spite of a Singaporean arbitration tribunal awarding US$26 million in damages to Hilton for Sun Travel’s abrupt termination of the Irufushi management agreement in May 2013.

Malaysian company awarded US$57.5m project to build five airports

Developing an airport on the northern island of Kulhudhufushi is a campaign pledge of President Abdulla Yameen. But environmentalists have previously warned that it would destroy the island’s environmentally sensitive wetland area.

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Police pours cold water on speculation over death of Maldivian model

The family of Raudha Athif, 20, alleges that she was murdered by a fellow student at the Rajshahi medical college. But Chief Superintendent Mohamed Riyaz told the press after returning from Bangladesh that there were “no suspicious circumstances” surrounding her death.

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Official arrested on suspicion of plotting to kill judge

A senior policy executive at the ministry was arrested Tuesday night on suspicion of plotting to assassinate High Court Judge Shujau Usman.

Two men convicted of 2011 murder sentenced to death

If the guilty verdicts are upheld by both the high court and supreme court, Abdulla Nazeef and Mohamed Shifau will join three convicts presently on death row.

May Day protester released from prison

The clemency board granted a conditional release for a woman jailed for hitting a police officer with an empty plastic coke bottle during the 2015 May Day anti-government protest.

Opposition activist under arrest for defaming Yameen

According to Ali Zahir, spokesman of the opposition Adhaalath Party, Mohamed Haneef was accused of “spreading false rumours on social media to discredit the government and cause loss of confidence of investors.”

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Arson suspected as fires destroy wetlands in Fuvahmulah

Two fires have destroyed a wetland area equal to 35 football pitches on the southern island of Fuvahmulah. Islanders said they suspect the fires were started deliberately.

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On Fuvahmulah’s blackened beach, workers begin cleanup of tonnes of dumped rock pieces by hand

Workers are combing Fuvahmulah’s beach by hand in an effort to clean up several thousand tonnes of aggregate dumped on the island’s reef in a historic environmental disaster, as the EPA remains tightlipped on the extent of the damage.

Waste management corporation begins garbage collection in Malé

The state-owned Waste Management Corporation began collecting garbage from households in Malé this week as part of a broader effort to establish a waste management network in the capital.

Man fined US$7,000 for caging protected bird species

The Environment Protection Agency has fined a Maldivian man MVR111,500 (US$7,200) for capturing and keeping protected birds in his backyard. The hefty fine is the first imposed by the EPA for caging protected bird species.

Ruling party holds tea party to celebrate reef blasting

Government supporters on the southern island of Meedhoo gathered last Friday to celebrate the controlled destruction of the island’s reef to clear an oceanside channel in spite of environmental concerns.

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Feature & Comment

Depression: Let’s Talk

For societies in which depression remains taboo, or is poorly understood, discussing it can mean examining deep and enduring social norms, writes Dr Poonam Khetrapal Singh, Regional Director WHO South-East Asia.

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Maldives fights rumours of island sales to Saudi Arabia with clampdown

Police officers on the island of Magoodhoo in Faafu atoll forced a journalist working as a stringer for The New York Times to sign a statement saying he would not interview islanders about the rumoured multi-billion investment from Saudi Arabia.

Saved by the bull?

Did the Saudi king postpone the official visit because of the flu or MP Nihan’s leaked audio about amending the constitution to facilitate the sale of Faafu atoll Himithi to the deputy crown prince? asks Azra Naseem.

The things we do

“I am not pessimistic by nature, but I fear for the future of my homeland. Paradise is rarely regained in the political arena. The very nature of politics makes it so,” writes Latheefa Verall.

Victim blaming and misogyny in Maldives

The reaction on social media platforms to a gang rape in Hulhumalé earlier this month exposed misogynistic views and blaming-the-victim attitudes among Maldivians.

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In Pictures

In Pictures: Maldives celebrates Eid-ul-adha

A selection of moments from the recently concluded Eid festivities in the northern island of Thoddoo

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Yameen Rasheed, blogger and activist, stabbed to death

He was found with multiple stab wounds in the stairway of his apartment building in Malé at 3am on Sunday, and died soon after he was taken to the hospital.

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Gasim arrested at midnight on fresh charges, remanded for 15 days

The police claimed that Gasim was encouraging the overthrow of the government in his speeches at nightly opposition rallies. Leaving him free would impede the investigation as he could hide evidence and influence witnesses, they said.

Police seek prosecution of Faris Maumoon

The police said in a tweet after midnight on Friday that the case was sent to the Prosecutor General’s office after completing an investigation requested by the anti-corruption watchdog into alleged failure to reimburse the state.

Maldives Independent wins free speech award

The Maldives Independent and its former editor Zaheena Rasheed have been named the winners of Index on Censorship’s 2017 Freedom of Expression Journalism Award.

CPJ condemns prosecutor general over case against Raajje TV journalist

“The prosecutor general’s insistence on continuing this baseless case against Mohamed Wisam and Raajje TV is clearly intended to intimidate all journalists in the Maldives,” the CPJ said.

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Society & Culture

Majlis passes new construction law, breaks for recess

The bill was introduced, debated, reviewed by a committee, and passed on the same day. After the normal sitting in the morning, Speaker Abdulla Maseeh Mohamed scheduled a sitting at night to vote on the bill.

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Schools reopen after flu outbreak

Schools in the capital reopened on Sunday after a health alert issued in response to a seasonal outbreak of the flu and viral fever was cancelled last week.

Schools forced shut in Malé as parents keep children at home over flu outbreak

All schools in capital city Malé have been shut once again after parents refused to send their children to school amid widespread panic over a flu outbreak that has claimed six lives

Pregnant woman dies in fifth H1N1 fatality

According to the Health Protection Agency, 185 out of 501 suspected cases tested as of Friday have tested positive for the H1N1 subtype of influenza. Some 31 patients were hospitalised as of Friday and 12 patients were discharged in the two days prior.

Schools to open after flu outbreak

The decision to resume the first term after a week-long mid-term break was based on “the spread of the flu during the past 10 days and the social situation”, the education ministry announced on Thursday.

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