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Business & Tourism

Petrol and diesel prices hiked

The changes were prompted by price increases in the global market, the State Trading Organisation said. The prices of crude oil presently stand at US$48.6 per barrel, up from US$46 at the end of June. 

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Central bank governor steps down

Dr Azeema Adam has stepped down as governor of the central bank to relocate with her husband who recently took up the double post of permanent representative to the United Nations and ambassador to the United States.

Villa slams tax authority over lawsuits to recover US$166m

Villa and its subsidiary companies do not owe any money to the state, the legal team insisted in a statement Monday, accusing the Maldives Inland Revenue Authority of trying to “discredit the companies and damage the businesses”.

Multi-resort project underway in lagoon near Malé

Phase one of the project comprises “a three-island-resorts concept, with a core island township bringing a veritable wealth of world-class food and beverage, retail, entertainment, recreation and leisure-lifestyle experiences to the Maldives for the very first time,” according to the Thai developer.

IMF restates advice for mitigating risks over high debt

The current administration’s ambitious infrastructure scale-up “has the potential for transforming the economy but also carries risks given the country’s large fiscal and external imbalances,” a visiting IMF delegation warned.

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Trial begins for Rilwan abduction suspects

The family of the third suspect, Mohamed Suaid, informed the court in response to a summons that he was dead, Judge Adam Arif said.

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Abused six-year-old girl re-victimised

A 45-year-old man was arrested on a southern island Monday night on suspicion of sexually abusing a six-year-old girl who previously victimised by a different perpetrator.

Court dismisses police negligence lawsuit from murdered blogger’s family

The civil court has dismissed a lawsuit filed by the family of slain blogger Yameen Rasheed over the failure of the police to protect him despite numerous death threats reported to the authorities since 2014.

Three suspects charged with terrorism over Rilwan’s abduction

The Prosecutor General’s office pressed charges against Aalif Rauf, Mohamed Nooradeen, and Mohamed Suaid on August 15, a spokesman said. They were charged under the 1990 anti-terrorism act with “the act or the intention of kidnapping or abduction of a person or of taking a hostage.” 

Yameen Rasheed murder trial begins with secret hearing

The PG spokesman told the Maldives Independent that the new criminal procedures law allows prosecutors to request secret proceedings “if they believe a circumstance that obstructs justice could arise in an open hearing”.

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Maldives announces campaign to intercept ocean plastic

The fisheries minister announced a campaign for the Maldivian fisheries industry, consisting over 1,250 vessels, to intercept ocean plastics in the country’s one-million square kilometre wide exclusive economic zone.

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Maldives disappointed with ‘US abdication of responsibility on climate change’

President Yameen called the decision of the United States to withdraw from the Paris climate change agreement a blow to global efforts to avert global warming and a setback for essential multilateral processes.

Bad weather causes damages in 14 islands

A cyclone hit Nilandhoo in Faafu atoll Thursday afternoon and blew the roofs off 10 houses after heavy rainfall caused damages on Thinadhoo in Gaaf Dhaal atoll the previous day.

Thoddoo fields damaged by heavy rainfall

“These damages came as the farmers were preparing for Ramadan. Now, this brings unprecedented losses to them. The estimated loss is currently more than MVR1 million (US$64,850),” said the Thoddoo council’s information officer.

Family displaced in Malé as bad weather continues

Several other incidents on land and at sea have been reported across the Maldives as a bout of bad weather with the onset of the south-west monsoon continues unabated.

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Feature & Comment

Petition from lawyers for judicial reform

A group of Maldivian lawyers outlined serious concerns with the independence and functioning of the judiciary in a petition calling for wide-ranging reforms.

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‘Migrant workers keep out’: A day at Rasrani park

Policemen and guides from the housing ministry have been keeping away migrant workers from the revamped Sultan Park after a controversial decision to charge an entrance fee for expatriates.

The road to justice is paved with answers to Rilwan’s abduction

The non-action of the authorities has created and nourished a culture of impunity for criminals that have made Malé one of the most dangerous cities in the world to live, writes Azra Naseem.

Three years after Rilwan’s abduction

“Where is Rilwan? What happened to Rilwan?” asks the missing journalist’s family three years after his abduction at knifepoint outside his apartment building.

An examined life: Yameen Rasheed

“The killing of Yameen is so difficult to come to terms with because it symbolises the death of potential,” writes Azra Naseem.

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In Pictures

In Pictures: Maldives celebrates Eid-ul-adha

A selection of moments from the recently concluded Eid festivities in the northern island of Thoddoo

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Yameen launches ‘Y18 Sports Fiesta’ for re-election campaign

The ‘Y18 Sports Fiesta’ organised by the ruling Progressive Party of Maldives as part of his 2018 re-election campaign.

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Suspension lifted for 13 lawyers

The judicial authorities have revoked the suspension of 13 out of 54 lawyers who were barred from appearing in court for

Maldives absence from UN vote on mass atrocities draws fierce criticism

“As powerful nations are allowed to intervene in domestic affairs of nations in the name of the Responsibility to Protect or R2P principle, the Maldives decided a very long time ago not to participate in votes at the UN general assembly aimed at taking action under R2P,” the foreign ministry said.

Ambassador to Sri Lanka stands by threat to detain Nasheed

The ambassador-designate’s remarks prompted the opposition leader’s high-profile counsel Amal Clooney to warn that “any attempt by a Maldivian diplomat to detain President Nasheed in Sri Lanka would constitute a violation of international law as well as Sri Lankan criminal law.”  

Supreme Court urged to lift mass suspension of lawyers

“None of the 56 lawyers has been allowed to exercise their right to defend themselves or be heard before a disciplinary action,” noted the International Commission of Jurists, Transparency International, Forum Asia, and Frontline Defenders together with local NGO Maldivian Democracy Network.

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Society & Culture

Housing minister defends anonymised flat winners list

Muiz denied allegations that applicants of the government’s social housing programme were phoned by the first lady’s campaign office to check their political allegiance. 

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Anonymised flat winners list prompts anti-corruption probe

The anti-corruption watchdog launched a probe after an anonymised list of 661 flat winners caused an uproar from unsuccessful applicants of the government housing programme.

New tobacco rules to introduce graphic warnings, ban sale of single sticks

The sale of single sticks of cigarettes needs to be banned because “it is a tactic mainly used to lure children and young adolescents into smoking,” said Dr Aishath Aroona, vice chair of the Tobacco Control Board.

Port worker burned after accidental explosion

A port worker was severely burned and two others injured when an oil barrel exploded Tuesday morning near the welding workshop at the Maldives Ports Limited’s commercial harbour in Malé.

‘Maldives with Rohingya’: Raajje TV raises MVR4m for refugees

Several groups have been organising fundraising activities amidst an outpouring of sympathy for the fellow Sunni Muslims.

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