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Business & Tourism

Gasim’s Villa Group scores Supreme Court win

The ruling could lead to the unfreezing of Villa’s assets and accounts and is some good news for the group, which has experienced several setbacks in recent years.

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Tourist numbers jump 18.5 percent in March

According to statistics, 133,466 tourists visited the Maldives during March 2018.

Hundreds of applications for SME loan scheme

The loan scheme offers sums of up to MVR500,000 for individuals, and of up to MVR1.5 million for partnerships fully owned by Maldivians.

Tourist arrival figures ‘untrustworthy’

Germany’s ambassador to the Maldives said the economy was suffering because of the volatile political situation and ordinary people were bearing the brunt.

Record profit for Bank of Maldives

The state-owned infrastructure developer meanwhile posted a net profit of MVR145 million (US$8.5 million) in 2017.

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Yameen’s family turned away by police and Prosecutor General

Yameen’s family, as well as activists, were unsuccessful in their attempts to meet officials and were told to come back a week later.

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President warns police against corruption and collusion

President Abdulla Yameen fired two police chiefs in as many days over plans to enforce a Supreme Court ruling ordering the release of political detainees.

Jumayyil charged with porn possession

Jumayyil is the son of veteran actor Ahmed Nimal and made his film debut with Aniyaa, which was produced by his father.

State unable to identify target location of alleged planned suicide attack

Ishag Ali and Hussein Afeef, believed to be linked with the Islamic State group operating out of Syria and Iraq, were charged in November for planning and attempting to take part in a suicide attack.

HRCM to probe forced head shaving allegations

Lawyers learned of the forced head shaving when the eight former Special Ops officers were summoned for a remand hearing.

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WAMCO takes over Malé cleaning

Malé city council warned earlier this week there was a threat of disease because of littering in the capital.

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Threat of disease from Malé litter, says council

The council said not enough had been done to keep Malé clean in the three years since the housing ministry seized control of waste disposal responsibilities.

Komandoo land reclamation complete

Reclamation of about 70 percent of the lagoon around the northern island has doubled its landmass from about ten hectares to nearly 20 hectares.

Addu and Fuvahmulah nature parks opening in June

“Visitor Centres” and boardwalks have been built in Fuvuhmulah’s Eydhigali Kilhi and Addu’s Koattey protected areas to offer hiking, bicycling and mangrove canoe tours as well as snorkelling and reef diving.

Environment ministry ignored ring road project concerns

Top Environment Protection Agency officials said they were prevented from warning the housing ministry to stop the ongoing ring road work.

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Feature & Comment

Yameen Rasheed: Timeline of a murder

There have been six preliminary hearings in the Yameen Rasheed murder trial. All six have been held behind closed doors.

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Yameen Rasheed: Selected works

April 23 2018 will mark a year since blogger and satirist Yameen Rasheed was murdered. The Maldives Independent is re-publishing some of his work to commemorate what he stood for.

Yameen Rasheed: An introduction

Yameen Rasheed was a popular blogger and IT professional. He would have been 30 this month.

Maldives-India Bye Bhai?

Relations between the Maldives and India have sunk to new lows — and remain on a downward trajectory — since President Abdulla Yameen was sworn into office.

Apostasy, foreign fighters and religious freedom in the Maldives: a policy paper

The Islamic affairs ministry has published a paper about issues related to religious freedom, mocking religion, going to war in the name of religion, committing murder and acts of war in the name of religion.

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In Pictures

The migrant workers of the Maldives

There are about 130,000 migrant workers in the Maldives, mostly from other South Asian countries.

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Carried away: Lawmakers removed from parliament compound

Opposition lawmakers were manhandled and removed from the parliament compound in Malé on Wednesday by the army, which had spent

In Pictures: Maldives celebrates Eid-ul-adha

A selection of moments from the recently concluded Eid festivities in the northern island of Thoddoo

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Maldives politicians criticised by EU

One member of the European Parliament remarked on the “shrinking political space” in the Maldives.

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Councillors suspended for condemning police brutality

Villingili island councillors condemned the alleged assault of a Raajje TV journalist. They have been suspended without pay for one month.

Opposition turned away from police HQ

Police blocked off and turned away the six opposition figures wishing to meet Commissioner Abdulla Nawaz regarding the implementation of the Supreme Court’s February 1 ruling.

Maldives must restore Nasheed’s right to run for office, says UN

The UN committee’s decision follows two complaints lodged by Mohamed Nasheed in 2013 and 2016 about violations of his civil and political rights.

Bids to form new political parties rejected

The founder of the proposed ‘Great Green Connection’ was a member of an existing party whilst the ‘Maldivian Republic Party’ could not be registered because its name was too similar to Jumhoree Party.

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Society & Culture

Tata flats sold out in five days

Nearly 50 flats in Malé priced at MVR2 million have been sold within five days after the Housing Development Corporation put them up for sale.

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Music festival to showcase Maldivian talent

The National Centre for the Arts is planning a two-day music festival in May to showcase Maldivian talent.

Maldivians urged to ‘call out’ street harassment

A 2015 survey said that 96 percent of Maldivian women had faced street harassment, with 60 percent experiencing it before the age of 14 and 40 percent before the age of 10.

Police probe death threat against woman for not wearing hijab

MP Eva Abdulla, one of five female lawmakers in the Maldives’ 85-member parliament, condemned the threat as well as the official response to it.

Will not allow religious freedom in Maldives, says defence minister

Islam is used in Maldivian political rhetoric to appeal to voters and also to malign liberal voices. Those supporting democracy or pluralism are branded as irreligious or anti-Islamic, with sometimes deadly consequences.

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